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Husky dog performs her overly dramatic death trick.

I’ve wasted fifteen minutes of my life watching this 8 second long video. 

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straight dudes 100 percent of their lives

I didn’t think people like this actually existed

Here we see the Greater Douchebag in one of their natural habitats. Like many poisonous animals, the bright colors are a warning to stay away.

the no homo sapiens

I was just going to like and then that last comment

When aggravated, the Greater Douchbag is known to violently attack everything round them.  Those who are aware of the Greater Douchbag bright color warnings, knows to keep a distance of at least 50 feet.

(Source: thepaulfamilydynasty)

Okay, I’ve seen this show like half a bazillion times.  I love this series a lot, but this is the very first time I’ve actually noticed this bit right here.

Maggie and Daryl went to the pre-school/day care to get baby supplies for Judeth *Baby not named yet* and while Maggie starts looting, Daryl is looking at all the hands on the wall.

I’ve never noticed that one of the children hand prints had “Sofie” as a name before.  Sofie, the little girl that almost all of Season 2 was used in searching for her.  Sofie, the little girl who’s doll he had found, helped him bond better with Carol, and nearly died when he fell off a ledge then took a bullet to his head from Andrea for just to give a worried mother some comfort.  Sofie, the little girl who ended up becoming a walker because she was scared.  Sofie, a child that he felt he had let down in protecting her.

There was a Sofie at this school, possibly the same Sofie since we know nothing about where everyone came from before.  It’s a painful reminder for Daryl that he couldn’t find her in time.  And I never realized it until now.  I’ve always assumed that he was just taken back by the number of children that use to go to this place before Armageddon and Dooms Day decided to take a stab at pro-creation.

Call out to; supremolumine and supporters

Yes, this is a call out to a Mary Sue who clearly has no definition of what role playing is.  Since they are clearly to self-absorbed and self-centered, I will break up the clarification for what Role Playing REALLY is.

Role Playing is NOT a popularity contest.

Role Playing is NOT where you can emotionally abuse those who want to rp with you.

Role Playing is NOT what you use to get people to rp with you.

Role Playing is NOT something you are clearly capable of handling.

Now that is cleared up, I will give my own two bits of advice to a bitch who clearly needs it.  When you role play, be GRATEFUL!  Don’t be a meta-knowledge, godmodding, always gotta be winning, stuck up, SELF-CENTERED bitch!  If someone does not agree with you, then that’s not a welcome mat being laid out for you to become a full blown wanna-be war-lord.  They don’t agree, then just leave them the fuck alone.

As for your followers, or as I would like to say, the butcher cult of rejects, if you see supermolumine claiming that no one loves them, using deletion of their blog FOR ATTENTION or killing themselves FOR ATTENTION, you lazy fuckers are suppose to click on the nice question mark button and report them to Tumblr.  EVERY TIME THEY MAKE A THREAT OF SUICIDE, IT IS YOUR FUCKING JOB TO REPORT THE BITCH TO THE COPS!  You are all a bunch of lazy, stupid fucks for not reporting this!  And more so, if she actually DID kill herself, you ALL would be held accountable for this!

Foxy Mama out.

I went ahead and already shared this on Facebook for my mother.  I’m posting it up here because it is pretty important for me to spread the word.  October is Heart Disease Awareness Month.  Please pass this on.  I don’t care if you just like it, but please spread the word.

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